Al Miller

Dear Mom

With recent events and all,

I thought that this might be a good time,

to make a clean breast of things.

That time I triumphantly played the word “vorpal”,

for 112 points to win in Scrabble,

I knew it wasn’t a real word.

And when I was 9, and we were at Friendly’s,

and you told me I couldn’t have an ice cream,

so I told you that I was in the market for a new mom,

I was bluffing.

In Lake Tahoe,

When you called Emerald Lake “Sapphire Lake”,

and I berated you for the error,

I only knew the name by reading the sign behind you.

But as I continue through this belated confessional,

Let’s remember,

that we each had our quirks.

Your tactic of telling us a time to arrive,

that was 30 minutes before the actual time,

made you very punctual.

Until Rachael and I,

began adding 30 minutes to the times you gave,

resulting in explosive stalemates,

of whether we should get in the car,

at your stated time of 1:00 or 1:30.

Or how you assured us,

that the 30 minute drive to the $3.67 gas station,

versus the nearby $3.75 one was worth it,

if you did the math.

Sometimes our better nature prevailed,

other times we broke out the calculator.

For all of the foibles and follies,

we subjected each other to,

it was hard to remain angry for long.

Whether just past the “Big Tree” in the front yard,

or over 3,000 miles away,

I know, that you knew, that I love you,

and it will always remain that way.