Al Miller


Hi, my name is Al Miller. I am a software engineer who greatly enjoys working at startups, most recently at Pachama. My primary professional interests include climate technology, design, and ethics.

At Pachama, I was grateful for the opportunity to work with some amazing colleagues in the nascent carbon credit industry, contributing to the market as it metamorphosizes into a trustworthy and scalable vehicle for driving corporate finance to effective sustainability efforts.

In addition to environmentalism, I am keenly interested in design and ethics. The questions which most intrigue me are those which deny or appropriate agency to individuals and communities (e.g., urban design). Some strongly held perspectives that I identify with are that communities built around strong walkability and transit rather than private vehicles are better for everyone, and that nature deserves a seat at the table in our development decisions.

My hobbies include baking sourdough, practicing classical piano, hiking in the Pacific Northwest, and spending time with friends. I live in St Johns, Portland Oregon with my partner Perrin.

- Al