Al Miller

Brooklyn to Concord to Philadelphia to DC

This fall we travelled across the US East Coast primarily by Amtrak. The motivation for this trip was originally a friend’s wedding in Long Island. Since Perrin had a conference in a few weeks, we decided to stay for the interim period to visit friends and explore.

We began our trip on public transit in Portland, a hub and spoke journey to the airport, We arrived at JFK, taking the air-train and subway to Brooklyn to stay with Vinny and Avanti. After a long conversation catching up, we went to sleep. The next morning we started with a Tuxedo and dress at the Threes Cafe, a bar to cafe concept. Next we took the LIRR to Mineola for Felix and Cynthia’s wedding. It was the first Chinese wedding that I had been to , and the tea ceremony and gift giving were very interesting. Saturday we returned to Brooklyn and then after Pasta Forma bearing witness to Delivery driver madness of NYC, took a long Uber to Queens, Astoria for the Sleepy Hollow house music show put on by the Book Club. Sunday we woke late and went to Brooklyn Bagel with Kumar and Raheem, but certainly should have asked for “easy” bagel. It was a very rainy day. After exploring the Jefferson Square well, we went to Killers of the Flower Moon. The concluded with the hand Sag Paneer by Vinny.

Monday we parted ways after working at the cafe, taking the N Regional to Boston, then the bus to Concord, picked up by Rachael after Siam Orchid At His Manision. I stayed at “The Insitute”, first night games with Jared. Next day we worked from Racael’s Oliver house table. That evening was a suprise party for Jared with Bang. At. 6:30 went on a run with Mark was fun but NH backroad traffic was terrifying. Interestingly NH has the lowest pedestrian casually rate per capita, but I believe that is only because very few people walk around in car-dominated NH. Another workday, the walk to the recently deforested cell tower, then Manchester Indian Restaurant. Nice to see Rachael and Jared together. Another Saturday, we went Ice Skating in Concord, a skill I would love to improve in. Then watched Avatar Way of Water. Sunday rural church and neighbors conversations, goodbyes at lunch for family reunion, A bit forced but okay, met Lee. Evening and _ at Linda’s watched Father Brown, Hotel Porfino, HGTV. Monday per usual Brothers Cortado and cooked dinner of pasta with Rachael. Tuesday Brother’s cortado again, then librarsdy, then Gibbson’s books and Election day. Long walk to White Park.

Wednesday early departure based on the bus and train to Philadelphia. Upon arrival to 30th street station, walked to Regina and Louis apartment. Stayed with them and remarkable Victors Cafe with the operatic waiters. Thursday went ot extremely busy Wework. Very busy and different culture. The East coast work hours are abit challenging. Evening dinner with Regina and Luis, then Lyft to Mai and Mikes. Met sweet Frances dog. Friday Perrin walked I explored Chapterhouse Cafe, ran on Delaware River, Saw Philadelphia Magic Gardens by Isiah Zager, Weitzman Jewish. museum, and long walk across the city Market Street to Philly Musuem of Art night at the museum. Interesting Korean and classic exhibits, then Vietnamese dinner. Staurday Machine Shop baker, Bok Reading terminal, Franklin Square, Cilantro Egyptian restaurant, Tea in Chinatown, Old City, wood museum, Klask Sunday Machine Shop. Museum of the American Revolution, Goodbye to Regina and Luis, then back to the train station.

In DC arrived at Union Station, stated with Anna and Jordan. Met with my coworker Carlos, Salsa with Joanna, Cafe Citron, Biked to Alexandrian farmer’s market, saw Vinny went Ice skating and Korean BBQ. Played pickleball, visited Teres, met Leon and Claire old bakery, Bread Furst, leveraged bikeshare. Flew back.